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Article by John Burns
Posted in Pet health and Nutrition

Dogs and wolves

Are dogs just domesticated wolves?  Chris Packham’s TV programme “Inside the Animal Mind ” the other night came up with some intersting findings. He demonstrated how dogs use vision as well as their sense of smell, whereas wolves rely much less on sight and depend more on their sense of smell to find food.  Dr Kathryn Lord of the University of Massachusetts explained that wolf cubs develop their sensory system at an earlier age and that window of sensory development closes earlier than dogs.  As Chris described it “Dogs have greater flexibility to involve all their senses and this ability to be flexible allowed dogs to come into our environment, be domesticated and become very different animals.” (my emphasis)

Why do I find that interesting?  The science-denying BARF advocates tell us that domestic dogs haven’t changed from their ancestors.  Of course they’re different; this is just one more example of how.

Why do I keep on about BARF?  Two reasons – they keep condemning what I believe in and secondly, they’re an easy target; it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


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