Welcome to my blog

John Burns BVMS Lic.Ac. MRCVS

I am a veterinary surgeon, qualified acupuncturist and the founder and owner of Burns Pet Nutrition, which has been making high-quality pet foods for twenty years.

John Burns receives product awards from editor of Your Dog Magazine

Pictured: Editor of Your Dog magazine, Sarah Wright presents Best Dry Dog Food, Best Specialist Dog Food and Best Wet Dog Food awards.

On this site I shall be writing mainly about pet health and nutrition although I may comment on whatever takes my fancy.  To get a flavour of what I am about you can download a copy of My Dog Health and Nutrition Handbook.  It takes less than 30 minutes to read but it took me about 30 years to assemble the information in it. I sometimes call it my bible.  (Chambers Dictionary definition of bible: (i) a comprehensive book regarded as the ultimate authority on its subject; (ii) the third stomach of a ruminant with many folds like the leaves of a book.)

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